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Our three Ambassadors

Freestylers Nicolas Huber, Nicola Bolinger and Gian Andri Bolinger

Nicolas Huber, Nicola and Gian Andri Bolinger: at home in Corvatsch Park

Nicolas Huber made his World Cup debut in 2017. The snowboarder and 2023 World Championship bronze medallist in the Big Air discipline is no stranger to professional sport. In contrast, Gian Andri and Nicola are still newcomers. For all three of them, the Corvatsch Park is not just a top training ground, but a home.


Nicolas Huber – park ambassador

Nicolas is a pro snowboarder. He travels around the globe from contest to contest. Although his hectic schedule barely gives him a moment to spare, the friendly Zurich native can often be found on Corvatsch. Since a season spent working here as a park shaper, he has called Engadin his home, and Corvatsch Park is his favourite playground. He’s definitely the man to ask about all things Corvatsch. Read on to find out what he has to say!

Nationality: Swiss
Born: 1995
Place of residence: Chur / Männedorf
Snowboarding since: 2009
Disciplines: Slopestyle / big air
Stance: goofy
Instagram: hubercop
Website: hubernicolas.com/

Hi Nicolas. As a former shaper and current Corvatsch ambassador, how would you describe Corvatsch?
Corvatsch is my favourite playground, and it’s located in Switzerland’s most picturesque valley. I really feel at home here, in the valley and on the mountain. The combination of an awesome park and an amazing freeride arena make Corvatsch a real hidden gem.

Describe the park in three sentences.
The park consists of the Pro Line, the Easy Park and the Medium Park. It’s great fun for pros and amateurs of all ability levels. You can really tell how much hard work the shapers put into preparing the park each winter – the varied set-up is shaped to perfection every day and is constantly being added to. There really are no limits to creativity at Corvatsch Park!

Which line is your favourite to ride and why?
I love the Pro Line. I can really get some air, and the kickers are perfect for trying out new tricks without it being too risky. The mastermind of the park is Kobi Würsch, and he really excels himself every winter.

The FIS Freestyle Ski, Snowboard and Freeski World Championship 2025 is being held in Engadin. The slopestyle and halfpipe tournaments are coming to Corvatsch. What are your goals between now and the world championship? And what are your targets for the world championship?
My biggest goal is to take part in the tournament. I’m not the youngest any more, but I think if I put in a lot of hard work and stick to my training and recovery plan, my chances are pretty good. And, if I can take part, my goal then is to win a medal for Switzerland! I’m definitely motivated.

What do you want to say to the people out there?
Work hard and be disciplined to achieve your goals. Nothing in life is free. And whatever you do, make sure it’s always fun. See you soon at Corvatsch Park.

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Nicola and Gian Andri Bolinger

The Bolinger brothers stand on the podium together. Nicola comes first and Gian Andri third at the 2023 Swiss Slopestyle Championships in Corvatsch Park.

Brothers Nicola (photo: centre) and Gian Andri (right) from Zuoz grew up in the Corvatsch Park. Nicola skied for the first time at the age of two and was soon jumping over small jumps. Logically, his little brother Gian Andri followed suit. Both became members of the FRESK freestyle team, the freestyle school in the Engadin. The Corvatsch Park with its kickers and rails became the perfect training ground for the two of them.


Nicola Bolinger

Nationality: Swiss
Born: 2002
Place of residence: Zuoz
Disciplines: Freeski Slopestyle / Big Air
Instagram: nicola.bolinger


Gian Andri Bolinger

Nationality: Swiss
Born: 2004
Place of residence: Zuoz
Disciplines: Freeski Slopestyle / Big Air
Instagram: juan_bolinger